Saturday, 25 February 2017


The dark team beating us down are trying to ware us down to get our agreement. SO get back a perspective on the truth and remember your True self will not support their agenda. Pain, suffering, roadblocks, being ignored..and targeted by the corrupted. Some of us selling out and joining their TEAM. So Prime creator takes note and sends more Starseeds.

Concepts by B Love. Have you ever read a book, or seen a movie where certain people get so beat down, and so despairing, AND so helpless, that they just accept their fate? This is HOW it CAN happen. If enough of the living souls on Earth, just roll over and accept what they get, then the Universe will have NO CHOICE but to give them this very hard lesson for their own good. Still, there is great love for the Earth, AND for those souls who are trapped here! Prime Creator sees everything happening here! Much to the chagrin of the Dark Magicians, Prime Creator keeps “sending” more and more KIND and loving souls into the mix, which has the effect of stifling and slowing down their progress towards a DARK reality.
NOW can you imagine why the CABAL hates light workers and truth tellers so much? We are standing in their way. We are blocking the path to their New World Order Dream! They can’t “manifest” it unless a critical amount of people on the planet on some level agree to it and ASK for it. They would do this by simply giving up, and giving in! So, never mind that the CABAL have lied through their teeth, robbed, pillaged and stolen to get us where we now are. As I’ve already said. The Universe does NOT CARE that they are lying to us, it only cares if we “”agree” to what they want. That’s where the endless mind control, deception, magic, bribes, black mail, murder, and the rest come in. Their idea is to get our agreement through BRUTE FORCE!
So for the masses to be suddenly waking up ― and knowing the truth ― is their worst nightmare!! They need to SILENCE the truth tellers. The truth that they are most terrified of is that We can STOP them by removing our CONSENT. It’s the magical key! We live in a Supernatural reality! They know this! Never mind that they’ve never told us this. YOU know it NOW! Stay on track and never forget to connect with the true self and process that EGO bull, let it go for good. I show you a comprehensive course in mindfulness in 1 hour!

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