Saturday, 25 February 2017

Missing link to healing addictions?
What actually triggers the thought, the reaction and habit? Find out with my seminar on Complete mindfulness. Unlock the truth about addictions and why they manifest. Free yourself and treat the source of pain and deal with triggers in your recovery.

I discovered the route of trauma and addiction. HOW to clear it properly at all levels in the outer energy works too. What is the source of the negative thoughts, triggers and feeling and the consequences?
Gain a deeper understanding: it's not just conscious but subconscious, but an outer layer of energy. With mindfulness, we are ready look at the stumbling blocks, and how can we respond better to stressful situations.
Also we can get over the pain, not fusing with the toxic emotions. When we get out of denial we can move forward and achieve the peace of mind instead of the trap of the same reactions such as the addiction cycle.

Personal power is lost through the use of drugs and/or alcohol, fear and Soul Loss. Weak emotions such as fear, anger, and other fear based emotions create lower level energetic openings in the energy field which allow the entry of these spirit and dark force attachments. Drugs and alcohol also create openings in the energy field because they weaken the energy field and power. I do recommend a shielding exercise in the seminar along with mindfulness.

Address EGO issues and then unlock the truth. It is mostly unknown and misunderstood due to the lack of truthful information surrounding non-physical energy. Incoming negative beings attached to our toxic emotional states. Spirit attachment and Dark force attachment cause a host of problems mostly related to emotional, mental and energy level issues. Strengthen your mind state and resolve the conflict there.

Freedom from Obsession? Obsession with another is fear of rejection and that fear manifests as your undesired fear! There is nearly always an entity there as well. When you become aware of fears you can stop the trap. If faced with something bad happens that you learn to be prepared. When it does happen do process it and let it go and it will.
Distress prevention and dealing with the triggering feelings, thoughts and beliefs will be vital to strengthening your ability to cope with compulsive habits.

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