Saturday, 25 February 2017

Mindfulness : to cope with addiction triggers

Mindfulness : to cope with addiction triggers
I stand by Mindfulness as it is one of the ways to deal with fears leading to obsessive habits. We look at compulsion and mind states of ill well being. It's in the programming going on with the subconscious and indeed the outer influences or negative triggers. Learn the truth about the source of the toxic emotions.  Address ways to stop the thought energy and entity operating in our compulsions, which is loops of harmful behaviour. Why is unblocking the toxic EGO state so important to your coping with stress and those states?
And I included link to Mindfulness seminar.

YES focusing on the idea of being protected from harm, we are focusing on that positive outcome.  We are being aware of selecting a good outcome, and emotionally anchor it and that resonates. But if there is an accident or problem? You were not aware and then you didn't block that from happening. What if there was a negative person or energy presenting a problem for you? You really have to process the toxic emotion. Deal with the external situation by processing it, be wise and obtain peace not distress. Mindfulness can clear up your fears that stop you from moving forward with recovery.
When you ignore a situation or feeling your squashing it,  you hide, you distract yourself or numb yourself from it. Then it actually leads to addiction and non action. When your ego based : insecurity, self-destructive beliefs, or fear act out you give them a chance to manifest. Your mind is constantly preoccupied with all the ways this fear can come true, and it does manifest. What if your mind actually  reinforces them  by a negative attitude that resonates and attracts them? Facing fear and uncomfortable emotions does allow us to process and lessen the pain. Being preoccupied or triggered is not a permanent state luckily, we learn that with simple practice.
When quanta was studied they found:  reality exists only when we observe it and then our brains decode into the five senses. DNA has an affect on the arrangement of quanta that external world consists of. DNA is not set though..but is controlled from its environment. When DNA responds to emotions it changes shape. So we learn to change our mental and emotional state. It then impacts on our experience and manifestations.
Here is the seminar. 

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