Saturday, 25 February 2017

Seminar in Complete Mindfulness.

Mindfulness to reduce the stressed out state.
Seminar in Complete Mindfulness.
Stop depression from the external source
Freedom from external systems is a way to restore our self value. Many systems look to be for our greater good, but were not created for that intention. We place too much power in these things to run our world. See how we get depressed and must see our way out and lighten the load.
Have you thought about how many people are unhappy with the things they have to give up of themselves to get? What could you do to change that state, how would you find another way? Why are there so many obstacles, not really of your choosing? This is the source of depression states.
You can start to get answers by looking and observing what you are missing. Don't get too caught up with the way things seem, they can be viewed differently and even transformed to thrive not just survive. Acknowledging the truth about how you really feel helps you accept your situation and face the fears. There is indeed a path to freedom and some much needed answers to lift us.
Believing you are unworthy is a false belief, causing you to find ways to be worthy. And try to give into pressures we don't need to feel real self worth. You are not working, or haven't got a mortgage, haven't got kids, need a better car, need to look better, have more of the external validation?? But it is not satisfying at the real level. Why? You are forgetting your real human self. You will find self love is different. You are already worthy without having to put in all that effort. Self esteem is esteem, is just about the external, self love is the real deal, the self worth.
We experience programs making us fell unworthy, powerless or as victims. We expect success in external areas to make us feel better. Easy to get disappointed when you give a lot of power to the results. Then we become depressed, suffer from anxiety from dwelling on the negative outcomes.
We learn detachment with this seminar. We can look at how to break free of external things by being detached from them emotionally and the key is to start to learn how with mindfulness.

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