Saturday, 25 February 2017

Marvels about mindfulness..

Marvels about mindfulness..
Ego blocks the state of happiness we need.
Face our experiences and transform our state to calm.

We can move beyond the EGO mind thinks and observe the traps that affects us. Then you can achieve a state of calm, less distress and more positive actions. Then life transforms into experiences you always wanted. A much more fulfilling emotional state. The essential happy state.
We are in 2 minds and the negative thoughts, feelings and stories are constantly playing.
Although our true self gets blocked from the chance to speak to us and help. We need to reduce the noise and learn what the message is from our subconscious. We need to keep the ego or false self detached. Your ego self is different from the true self  and when you notice it, It adds a new dimension. You learn to Stop identifying or fusing with it. It becomes more like a cage and more draining. We are not our ego, not our emotions or our thoughts. Be free to create a much more fulfilling emotional state.
Do you recall the sad or depressing stories you may have held onto from bad experiences? Been draining you for too long? How to release them? What are they? They are the way we learn to respond, the way we view it automatically. Turn off the programming holding us back. Learn to get over the pain, diffuse it and get out denial, a trap that keeps us in pain.
You need to observe the negative possibility and face the fear or you will think about how it may happen and it does manifest. Most of the fears that people have are not real, but we give them a lot of our thought energy. When  your ego based : insecurity, self-destructive beliefs, or fear act out you give them a chance to manifest. The aim is to get out of that state into a more relaxed and peaceful one.

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