Saturday, 25 February 2017

Mindfulness and the Starseed.

Concepts by Bradley Love.
Starseed: their LOVE for humanity is being used against them. We refuse to “sellout” into hurting their fellow man, and follow the NWO agenda. They are horribly maligned by the ignorant masses that they came to wake up, being told daily to: shut up, quit rocking the boat, and stop trying to change things.
We hope people's ignorance will not prevail. Prime Creator’s emissaries – the Star Seeds, the ones he has sent directly into physical incarnation (from outside the quarantine) to save the planet. The idea of freedom as a reality, is now only hanging on by a thread. FEW living beings can say they did nothing to ADD to their own enslavement, and of others by their incorrect choices and THINKING. Satanist/magicians took such a very long time to install these ugly, nasty thoughts into the population, few wish to willingly think differently any longer.
Hundreds of thousands all over the planet are now here. They are all very much Freedom Lovers, riding the keys of the internet like a very faithful steed, pointing out “the Magicians and the Satanists (Globalists) are coming!” Much to their amazement and sadness too few are even listening. No one wants to believe they are living on a prison planet in quarantine. Or that their Earth Reality has been hijacked. Star Seeds work for ALL enslaved! Much to their amazement and sadness too few are even listening.
The systems we should question are part of the false light and in deed the Theocracy. BUT there are those who DO NOTHING to educate themselves as to what is truly happening around them, sadly they are mostly the blind, being led by the blind. There is education and energy work available, but without ego does anyone change their ways for humanity? Start raising your frequency and the truth is the start. Look at my workshops coming. There are a few thousand others who are doing this job. But we need more to stop investing energy in the false light.
The truth is a path that is best started with quietening the false EGO and learning our own truth. I recommend mindfulness. I run a seminar for this step.
MIndfulness seminar link

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